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Please could you comment on the challenge of slow initial growth of SanMark programs in relation to funding cycles?

Sanitation is a significant capital expenditure, so it takes time for households to plan and save up for purchase, thus is can take time for sales to grow. It also takes time for new products and ..


What are the links between sanitation marketing and CLTS, and how can this be incorporated into national policies?

Sanitation marketing and CLTS are both ways to address demand and supply for sanitation. Generally, CLTS is used to move people from open defecation to unimproved sanitation and sanitation marketi..


What costs are involved during the research phase of SanMark programs?

In a country where no sanitation demand and supply market research has been conducted before, it has typically cost around US $100,000 - $150,000 to undertake a national scale rural demand and sup..


What finance options are available to meet the needs of the poor and marginalised?

Working with micro-finance organisations is one way to meet the needs of the poor, as they have been specifically set up to work with poor communities and have the skills and expertise to innovate..


What is the best way to re-design and develop lower cost latrine products and services to meet the needs and desires of low income households?

We recommend Human Centered Design as the approach to use to re-design and develop lower cost latrine products and services to meet the needs and desires of low income households (see the IDEO Hum..


What key activities should I undertake for sanitation marketing?

A good resource for sanitation marketing is the Sanitation Marketing Toolkit. (


What might be some ideas that governments can use to support change?

Government has the role of mobilizing communities to achieve sanitation uptake on the demand side and is ultimately responsible for assuring everyone has safe sanitation. Often what is most diffic..


While the supply side is catalytic, would the NGO still engage on the demand side in a 'project driven' approach?

NGOs can be critical to early market development efforts, by engaging on the demand side through development and testing of effective promotional materials, training, campaigning and supporting lo..


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