Who is responsible for the SanMark CoP?

WaterAid Australia has been managing the SanMark CoP on behalf of the WASH Reference Group (WRG). In addition to WASH advocacy, the WRG has acted as a CoP and conducted a number of projects/activities including promoting the importance of sanitation. The WRG has received significant, but often short term, funding support for these CoP initiatives.

In July 2012, WaterAid Australia (on behalf of the WRG) received an Innovation Fund grant through the Australian Government to undertake a range of activities aimed at increasing knowledge and implementation of SanMark methodologies. WaterAid Australia manages the SanMark website, facilitated the trainings and webinars, and coordinates other activities on behalf of the WRG. This is achieved with the generous support of two leading SanMark practitioners Danielle Pedi and Mimi Jenkins.

Danielle Pedi

Danielle PediDanielle has managed and advised large-scale sanitation marketing programs across Asia, Africa and the Pacific. By linking user-focused design with effective behaviour change, Danielle is committed to starting with people as the entry point for inspiring action, and using the power of the market to improve health. Danielle’s early work in Cambodia has seen the emergence of a strong and growing market for rural sanitation.

Her most recent work has involved supporting large-scale businesses on mass-manufacture and commercial distribution of low-cost latrine slabs in East Africa. Danielle has worked with a range of clients on consumer research, low-cost sanitation product and business model design, SME business support, and design and evaluation of sanitation marketing initiatives. She regularly delivers WASH practitioner trainings, and previously worked on the design and delivery of the Master of Integrated Water Management at the International WaterCentre. Danielle is a social scientist by training and is based in West Africa, where she recently founded the WASH Catalyst group.

Marion (Mimi) Jenkins

Mimi JenkinsMimi is one of SanMark's earliest pioneers and champions. Together with Sandy Cairncross and other colleagues at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), Mimi published the first seminal work on sanitation marketing (including her own PhD dissertation) in the late 90s. This beginning a nearly fifteen year career of applied research and technical support to enhance knowledge, policy and capacity for sanitation marketing and market-based WASH initiatives around the world.

Mimi is a research engineer in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California at Davis and an honorary lecturer in the Environmental Health Group at LSHTM. She has extensive experience advising agencies at a global level on WASH strategy development and evaluation. She has worked on sanitation marketing programs across sub Saharan Africa, and in South and South East Asia.

What is the SanMark CoP?

The SanMark CoP aims to be a platform for peer exchange and sharing of ideas and practical lessons in SanMark as they emerge. We hope to bring practitioners together to help one another improve the design, implementation and evaluation of SanMark activities. The CoP are those users of our website and practitioners that are interested in engaging in collaborative SanMark activities and keeping updated on SanMark implementation around the world.

The target audience was WRG members and their local in-country partners but in practice a much wider “global” audience from within the WASH sector has been keen to engage with the project.

How do I join the SanMark CoP and how much does it cost?

All you need to do is sign up to our email list and you will be on our SanMark CoP. It’s that simple! We will keep you updated with newsletters to inform you of new developments with SanMark and any upcoming activities as they arrive. Where possible, the information and services are provided free of charge.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved in SanMark CoP: ask a question to our expert or in the forum, submit blog posts or share your stories and experiences with SanMark in the field. Please visit each of these on the header above for more information. We welcome your participation and look forward to hearing and learning from you!

Do you have any additional information on Sanitation Marketing?

Sanitation Marketing resources, information and literature will be made available on the Resources page. This page will be updated regularly so please check back to download any new materials.

Do you have any plans for more trainings or webinars in the future?

The SanMark CoP received funding from the Australian Government for the period July 2012- June 2013. This included funding for the three training workshops (Cambodia, Fiji and Kenya) that were held during this time. We are in the process of working out our future plans once the funding ends. This predominately means ensuring the continuation of the website but also includes considering additional training and/or capacity building activities. While there are no future trainings currently planned, we do recognise that there is a great deal of interest in further training and support.

For now, please learn from the 7 Steps SanMark Process where you will find all resources presented at our previous trainings.

How can I submit my stories and experiences about Sanitation Marketing?

Stories, experiences, photographs and case study submissions will appear under the Resources page as well as our Global Map. We encourage you to share your lessons, challenges and successes so that other SanMark practitioners can learn from your experience. If your organisation is not on our Global Map, please let us know and we’ll add your information to our collection.

What sort of entries do you not publish?

We retain the right to not publish entries that are inappropriate, insensitive or irrelevant to SanMark. This will be up to the discretion of our SanMark team.

Are there any submission guidelines for Ask an Expert questions?

Ask an Expert is a feature where people can submit SanMark questions and receive feedback from experts in the field. Questions can be in the form of a few sentences or up to 1,000 words. If you have a specific case study related question, we ask that you provide details about the background to the project and as much information as possible so that our experts can provide useful feedback. While the idea of the SanMark CoP is to share knowledge, you can choose not to publish your question and answer to the Ask an Expert page. To submit an Ask an Expert question, please follow this link.

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