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Around the world, many of us have 'learned by doing' SanMark and early experience has proven promising. Although interest in SanMark is increasing steadily, the approach is still relatively new.

Programmatic guidance and tools, such as the 7 step SanMark Process, have been emerging over the last couple of years; however there has been a need for increased dialogue, support, and linkages between practitioners and researchers.

The SanMark Community of Practice (CoP) aims to be a platform for peer exchange and sharing of ideas and practical lessons in SanMark as they emerge. We hope to bring practitioners together to help one another improve the design, implementation and evaluation of SanMark activities.

Who are we?

The Sanitation Marketing Community of Practice is an initiative of the Australian WASH Reference Group supported by the Innovations Fund - an Australian Government initiative and managed by WaterAid Australia.

The WASH Reference Group is an Australian-based Community of Practice comprising approximately 25 organisations working on water, sanitation and hygiene promotion in developing countries, including NGOs, research organisations and the Australian water industry.

Members of the WASH Reference Group include:

AFAP, Anglican Board of MissionAnglican Overseas Aid (Anglicord), Australian Water Association, CARE Australia, Caritas, CBM, ChildFund Australia, Engineers Without Borders Australia, International WaterCentre, ICAT (Centre for Appropriate Technology), Institute for Sustainable Futures, International Women's Development Agency, Live & Learn Environmental Education, Nossal Institute for Global Health, Nusa Tengarra Association, Oxfam Australia, Plan Australia, Australian Red Cross, Save the Children Australia, UNICEF Australia, UnitingWorld, WaterAid Australia, World Vision Australia

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A special thanks again to the Australian Government for funding this project as part of an Innovation Fund Grant (June 2012 – December 2013).

Previous activities

A number of activities have been held over the course of this project to bring SanMark practitioners together online and in person.


Five webinars were conducted between October 2012 and March 2013 by various SanMark experts on key topics. The topics covered were:

  1. Practices and principles
  2. Product model and business design
  3. Demand creation and promotions
  4. SanMark and CLTS
  5. Reaching the poorest

Please find links to the podcasts above.

Practitioner trainings

The SanMark CoP held three regional Practitioner Trainings in 2013 in Cambodia (March), Fiji (April) and Kenya (May). These trainings brought together about 100 field practitioners to learn more about how to perform SanMark on the ground.

All Practitioner Trainings were co-facilitated by experienced SanMark specialists, Danielle Pedi and Mimi Jenkins, alongside other guest presenters from organisations engaged in SanMark programs.

If you missed out on attending our trainings, all presentations are located within the 7 step SanMark Process in this website.

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